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S.C.O.U.T-Specific Course Training

4th Thrusday on every month
Session 1: 16.15-17.15

Available courses:
[EMB] Speech control using EasyVR Shield and Arduino Uno
[EMB] Experimenting with strictness control and confidence threshold in EasyVR Shield
[VID] Video stream over HSDPA network over NS-2 simulation
[VID] Subjective video quality assessment based on ITU-BT.500
[VID] Peak Signal-to-Noise ratio to measure image quality
[VID] Aligned-PSNR method to measure streamed video quality
[VID] The use of FFMpeg as video converter
[WRT] Riveting paragraph for academic writing
[WRT] Organizing Chapter 1 for academic writing
[DSN] 3ds Max: Basic

FREE and possibly to get TAK point

So, periodically check this site for more info.


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